Picture of Lauren

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Some facts about Lauren

What Lauren says about herself:
"I am definitely not a lingerie model! I did play in the Lingerie Bowl last year. I'm like 5-foot-3 - the most girl-next-door girl you'll ever see - no boobs. I do acting and hosting. I want to get into some type of sports [TV show] hosting."

What Lauren says about math and shopping:
"If there's one thing I do know how to do, it's shop. Math like that is easy in my head. I never balance my credit card or checkbook, but I do it in my head so I know how much more I can shop."

What Lauren says about her future:
"I've been auditioning a lot, and my managers have a couple of deals they're working on. I'm definitely getting into hosting, doing E!, MTV, VH1 stuff."